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Oddbird 'Organic-Red-No1' Low Intervention Dealcoholised Red Wine 750ml Bottle

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The Oddbird 'Low Intervention' series is another milestone in pushing the best of modern quality-focused dealcholisation techniques into the tippy top rankings of what we want our wine to be. These wines embrace the values and focused intentions of natural winemaking, in 0.0% ABV form. 

Hand harvested, organically grown, spontaneously fermented and without additives - just great juice! This blend of Merlot and Pinot Nero from the Veneto region of Northern Italy is honestly a remarkable achievement in the provisioning of good things to drink. Let a thousand natty non-alcs bloom!

Soft, textured, dynamically fruity and with a remarkable delicate tannic structure. We love it cold and we love it warmer. The kind of thing that keeps you coming back for one more whiff, wondering just how it evokes the senses it does. We're impressed and we're confident you will be too.