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Mikkeller 'Limbo Yuzu' Non-Alcoholic Flemish Ale

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The Limbo series is the centrepiece of Mikkeller's vision of bringing the depth of the Belgian brewing tradition to non-alcoholic beer. A 'primitive Flemish' ale, they endeavour to capture the complexity of wild and mixed culture fermented ales in a sub 0.5% package. They achieve this with no post fermentation delalcoholization, retaining the full flavour their proprietary culture achieves. It's amazing to experience the distinctive smell of a Belgian sour, without alcohol. Hats off to them.

The yuzu flavour combines this naturally tart beer base with yuzu zest for a satisfying, citrus cold can experience. Break out your finest glassware or shotgun it direct, this non-alc beer gets our full seal of approval.

Mikkeller knows what they are doing with niche and novel beer styles of all types, and it's no different when it comes to their pioneering non-alc offerings. Having developed proprietary yeast appropriately dubbed Mikkellensis, they are bringing the unique flavours of Belgian-inflected brewing styles to the non-alc world. More than just sour, their beers have the complete aromatic twang that makes these styles what they are. 

0.3% alcohol, 107 calories per 330ml tall can.