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Le BockAle 'Météorite' Non-Alcoholic Lychee & Clementine Wheat Beer

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Equally at home in summer or prime mandarin orange season (aka the dead of winter), this beer just delivers in spades. The fruit flavours intermingle really well, taste fresh and juicy in a "real fruit flavour" kind of way, and the backbone wheat ale humbly delivers. A certified winner that will please all tastes; I can't fault ya, 'Météorite'!

This plus a citrus wedge or a little squeeze of grapefruit, poured in that Hoegaarden glass from the thrift store, phew, now you're living!


Le BockAle is a specialist in non-alcoholic brewing in Quebec. While not exclusively producing beers without alcohol, they do brew more non-alc than alc, and definitely know what they are doing. These beers are leagues ahead of the dealcoholized beers of old, and are rewarding and fun to drink whenever, morning noon and night. Santé!



473 ml




Moderate – 13 IBU


Yellow – 2 SRM



Ingredients : Water, Wheat, Barley, Hop, Clementine, Lychee, Yeast