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Gorgeous, generous post-fermented tea to intrigue the uninitiated and make the jaded swoon. Texture where you want it, complexity where you need it. If I could stockpile this for my future self I would. 2021 being what it was, there isn't a lot, so dip in when you can and never hesitate to live today. 

 When we tried this for the first time an anti-inflammatory fog descended about the room, time dropped out from under our feet and smiles became inevitable. Just an all around great drinking experience.

README.txt we found after unzipping the tong said:

A new blend for a new era. Rich and satisfying, with some pleasant dark-chocolate bitterness that shines through a slightly sweet fragrance, this tea is sure to keep your head-jelly free from cobwebs. 

Made from several different materials from small-scale fermentation productions, this blend is a nice contrast to our KUURA-COLA. Excellent brewed with a moderate hand to highlight the fragrance, or blast it to oblivion to enjoy the thick and heavy texture. 

Artwork by Jon Marshall. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.

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