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Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi - Turmeric Saffron

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Golden brew, texture like sun. Turmeric, and saffron, two culinary staples that can be hard to put your finger on in a complex dish, but without which a cuisine would never be the same. These foundational but subtle spices are here thrust from the periphery into the centre spotlight of the flavour with spectacular results. 

We don't like to lean too heavily on the health benefits of drinks (we're more focused on flavour), but clearly turmeric's reputation precedes it. But it's not just a powerful anti-inflammatory nutraceutical dammit, it's a delicious food! Speaking of food, this is one hearty pairing with what's for dinner. 

Earthy. Enigmatic. Bright. Rich. Resplendent. Around for a limited time.

Entirely organic. No added sweeteners or flavours. 

Format: 355ml can

Ingredients: Carbonated water, organic goldenberries, organic lemon, organic turmeric, organic cardamom, organic black lemon, organic eucalyptus, organic black pepper, saffron.