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Bine Sparkling Hop Water - Original

Bine Sparkling Hop Water - Original

Bine Hop Waters from Off the Rail Brewing

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Bine Sparkling Hop Water comes to us from the clever minds at Off the Rail Brewing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sparkling hop water - an alternative to beer, an alternative to non-alcoholic beer - it's alts all the way down. 

You don't want barley soup do you, you want the exciting portion of the beer experience - defined, kaleidoscopic aromatics and flavours squeezed fresh from the hop cone!

Off the Rail doesn't faff about, using the same real varietal hops as they do in their craft brewing.


Bine Sparkling Hop Water 'Original' flavour is the pure essence of PNW hops. BC water plus Centenniel and Simcoe hops deliver those classic green bitter and piney notes. It's like juice, if it were made of pine forest.


These drinks deliver a bracing experience you can knock back easy anytime. We love them and know you will too.


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