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When you were a kid it seemed every small town grocery or health food store had a fishbowl full of Energy Balls in the fridge. This is kind of like those, except made of 100% pure compressed forest. Thick long whole leaves radiating powerful green and deep rooted energy, remarkably sweet with an approachably subdued bite for young raw puer tea. Don't let the size fool you as these capsules don't toy. Easy to reach for but worth holding on to.

Prognosis and contraindications direct from Kuura:

Fast-acting existential relief.

Keep that creeping cosmic horror (and associated fatigue) at bay, no matter the circumstance; with our latest raw puer in a convenient KUURABall™ format, you're always ready to self-soothe. Each ball contains 7g of high-potency Yunnan raw puer, rapidly deployable for uncompromising flavour and revitalisation.

A carefully formulated blend of material designed with reliable flavour in mind; ample sweetness, fragrance, throat-coating smoothness, and plenty of lingering aftertaste. KUURAMINE® is made entirely with all-natural ingredients; not a single added flavour, colour, binder, filler, or preservative in sight. Clean growing environments and mature tea trees; make the switch to KUURAMINE® today.

Artwork by Sprinks. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.