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KUURA 2020 'KUURA-COLA' Ripe Puer

KUURA 2020 'KUURA-COLA' Ripe Puer


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A distillation of sweet and ripe earth into gentle velvet liquor that teases with aromas of red fruit and darkest toasted sugars. Impossible to overbrew, expressing generously at all brew strengths, this post-fermented tea is a balm against winter winds and an easy move for liquid comfort at any time of day. Also check it in mini KUURACoin format for convenient drinking anytime.

Or as Kuura says:

Our finest KUURA-COLA yet.

Clean and precise fermentation. Expertly engineered for maximum flavour. Pressed for unparalleled value.

So, how does it taste? In a recent independent consumer study*, test subjects reported such things as 'It tastes like sweet vanilla!', 'Such a rich and smooth mouthfeel, wow!', and 'It makes me feel slightly less depressed about not having a real job and being forced to do these stupid consumer studies to pay my overpriced rent.'.

Whether you're just dipping your tongue-tip into the chocolate-coloured, earthy waters of ripe puer, or already paying extra to your dentist to whiten your teeth after abusing it, KUURACORP® brand KUURA-COLA deserves an esteemed place in your collection.

Also available here in a single-serve KUURACoin™ format, for sampling and convenience purposes.

*Disclaimer: Study conducted by TasteFuturesResearch™, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KUURACORP®.

Artwork by Sprinks. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.

TYPE: Ripe puer (shu/shou) - 熟普洱茶

ORIGIN: Yunnan, China


PRESSING: November 2020

WEIGHT: 200g per cake, 5 cakes per bamboo tong

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