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A sun dried white tea that really retains its sunshine disposition. Expressively soft and floral with thick texture and enduring length. From dried leaf through its many brews this tea is endlessly fragrant and inviting. Persuasive to ponder over but equally ready to guzzle hot or cold in volume. Also available in easy grab-and-go individual 7g ball form.

More words direct from Kuura:

The 2020 production of our venerable sun-dried Yunnan white tea.

Picked and dried directly in the mountain sun, this white tea (baicha) has a lot of love to give; thick flavour, loads of floral perfume-y fragrance, and it brews forever; 10, 15, 20 steeps no problem. And then you could simmer it for more.

This material comes from a fantastically biodiverse piece of land; not industrial plantations. In previous years we've confirmed via laboratory testing that this tea has absolutely zero agrochemical intervention.

For those wanting to equate with white teas from Fujian; this tea is picked like a puer; the first 4 or up to 5 viable leaves are picked, rather than just one bud and a leaf or two. So, it may not be as 'pretty' as a baimudan, but you'll forget all about appearance once the thick flavour shows up in your mouth.

If you can avoid tearing through the cake, age will be very kind to a tea like this; it has some good legs to stand on over the years, and should end up a very sweet, fruity tasting tea as it turns darker.

Best enjoyed in the sun, in a robe, with your friends. 

Spring 2020 material, pressed into 200g cakes, with 5 per bamboo tong.