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200 grams of raw feeling, or pile fermented feeling, also black and white feeling. Camelia Sinensis var. Assamica usually, although genetics in a forest growing environment never quite fit taxonomy. Blessed by the red earth kissed air of so-called-Australia never ceded never surrendered, caretaken in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest in the other antipode's illgotten 'Commonwealth'. KUURACORP - The tea is here, have you heard of it?


Drink now or forever hold peace. Killgreen fixed a lot of things but it can't hold down the life in these leaves. These teas like you and I are a different beast from day to day. Assert your aesthetic sensibility by programming heat, humidity, duration and ratio to express something really special. Strong material at all market prices, these teas are good to go with equally ready staying power. The tea is where you want it to be, don't you know?