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ONES+ 2021 Pinot Noir

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Honestly, cheers. Canada's first domestic non-alcoholic wine couldn't come from better people in a better place. Direct from the Okanagan VQA aka Canada's Napa, a red wine of character and place.


The Ones+ 2021 Pinot Noir is not your run of the mill UFO - unidentifiable flowing object. But curiously, it's not the de rigueur high-tech vacuum distilled table wine that's making waves overseas. Oh no! What we have here is a real noggin' scratcher. An enigma. A unique and gratifying undertaking.

Absolutely you can slap a light chill on this and pour this for your mum on a Tuesday. You can drink it at the beach in December in a blizzard. You don't have to trouble yourself with what on earth is going on in this glass. But if you're the ponderous type, this is a celebratory drop that will reward and engage.  

What is it? It's a secret, i.e. don't ask me. What's in it? Well, like basically no calories. No sugar. 1% alcohol, the kind you might find in kombucha or an overripe banana. Definitely no "flavours", natural or cultured. Just grapes? Strictly the heartbreak grape, 100% Okanagan Pinot Noir. What's going on here? We don't know, we don't need to know. It's wine, c'est magique.


ONES+, a 1% wine made with BC Grapes with no added sugars or chemicals. ONES+ is proud to be making the Okanagan’s only non-alcoholic wine. Contains sulphites.