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BiBi Aperetivo Soda

BiBi Aperetivo Soda


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A delectable, made in Canada canette of rapturous red evocative of, rhymes with um-party. BiBi Sparkling Italian Aperitivo Soda doesn't just hit all the notes, it sings the classic chorus we know and love. Red stuff? Berry notes? Bitter pop in satin sweetness? We've seen the likes of you before, but this iteration feels modern, fresh, and fun. A dainty 237ml dosage, 70 calories no big deal, pink pink pink pink colour, and an impressive tightrope act of vertitable plant extracts sourced from a long-running Italian flavour house (in Italy). Oh yeah?

 Half the sugar as the Italian sodas of old, honest fresh fruit flavours - it's easy to love, easy to mix, easy to share. Brainchild of Toronto recipe consultants par excellence, we love that they said dammit we want to make a food too, and this is their baby. A food friendly snacker. The world needs more aperitivo, and we're stocked and ready.

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